Learn to Play Guitar in 1 Hour – Two Chord Songs

Always wanted to Learn to Play Guitar, but never thought you had the talent or time? Well I made this site for You. I have been playing Guitar for 18 years now and its been one of the most rewarding journeys I have ever been on.

my goal with this site is simple: To teach anyone that wants to learn to play guitar a very easy and fast method.

Follow the lesson below and when your ready for more advanced lessons explore this Site.

Learning is Easy and Fun

I admit it can be intimidating when I started I thought I would never be able to learn, it was hard. But, with a little time and patients. I looked forward to learning new Songs. I am gonna show you how to learn your first song in just one hour. Its all in what you learn, if you start off with easy Songs learning will be easy.

what your gonna need starting out

  • Acoustic or an Electric Guitar
  • Strings
  • Guitar Tuner
  • Guitar picks
  • Capo (not needed but its handy)

Advice for beginners

Spend a lot of time in the first week holding your Guitar, practice hitting one String at a time then two Strings, three String, ect…

It takes some time for You to get used to just holding the Guitar in a comfortable position, Don’t worry if its super awkward in the beginning. Your ability will increase by leaps and bounds in the first two months.

Play with other people or just in front of people as much as you can. But, remember to play Songs. Don’t practice in front of people.

How to read Tab

First off, we need to know how to Read tabs before we start. Don’t worry its really easy You will pick it up right away.

Here’s a example tab with the details you need to know.

how to read guitar tabs

As you can see from the Image, Tab represents your Guitar. Its like if you set your Guitar in your lap. The thick E String close to you is the bottom E noted in the tab. Each line is a string and the numbers are the frets.

when you see the 0 number it just means you don’t fret anything for that String, You just play the note open and when the numbers are over top each other, That means you play them at the same time.

When you see things like 2/3 that means you play the 2 end Fret and slide to the 3 erd Fret. While notations like 2 h 3 means you play the 2 end Fret and hammer on with your other Finger to the 3 erd Fret.

That’s all there is to it, Now on to our first song!!!

We are gonna Learn the song Whole Wide World by Wreckless Eric

In this song You are gonna Learn your first to Chords E major and A major and the Palm Muting Technique.

Below is a tab Image of the E and A chords used in this Song.

play guitar E Major and A Major Chords

In the Verse of this Song, You will be Palm muting the chords with the skin on your right hand, lightly touching the strings to mute the Strings. During the Chorus, You will not palm mute. You let it ring out and play the whole Chord.

Listen to the Song to get a feel for it, and if you need further instruction on palm muting I will link you a video .

Below Images are of the Verse Section.

Verse section for whole wide world. listen to the song to get the feel.

Notice the *PM in the Tab that’s how I note for you to palm mute during the verse, Also notice how the intro to the Song and the Verse are the same but during the Verse he is singing.

Now for the Chorus section of the Song. You will notice its got the same Chords. but, The Chords are played more times. for example during the Verse he hits the E Major Chord 8 times (with down strokes) and then the A Major Chord 8 times (down strokes again) but in the Chorus he hits the E Major 16 times, and sings. “I’d go the whole world” for the first 8 beats and again for the next 8 beats and then playing A Major for 8 beats only singing Her on the first beat.

Below is the Chorus Tab.

There’s a little palm muting in this section. but, You will have to listen to the Song to get a feel for how he does it cause it changes

When you listen to the Song you will notice there’s a few more measures he plays after the A Major Chord, Before going back to the Verse or repeating the Chorus.

Whats played there are just one Section of the Verse E Major for 8 beats then A Major for 8 Beats. I didn’t add it because He does it different for each chorus. But, Now that you know what He is doing it should be easy to figure out.

Here’s a Link to the lyrics

Here’s a link to a youtube Video of the song

Told ya it was easy. Now you should know two chords and how to palm mute, and have a song under your belt. That’s Awesome ! Now your a Guitar player and its time to learn more Songs and Chords.

If You want to continue learning with Video Lessons then please check out Guitar Tricks Video Lessons they do Video Lessons better then anyone if that’s your thing have at it.

The Songs on This page are meant to be done in order from top to bottom. each Song should add to your ability. When You are finished with this page you should move on to Bar Chord Songs.

That was your First hour and when your ready for your next hour proceed down the Page

 learn to play guitar in 1 hour – Lesson Two

This time we are gonna learn another two Chord Song. Sublimes What I Got just uses the D Major and G Major Chord during the whole Song, This song has a really simple Guitar solo. So, its the perfect chance to add your first Bit of advanced playing into your skill set.

In the below Image you will see a strum version of the Song and then a picked version of the Song, learn them both. But, the picked version is what they play on the CD. click here to listen to the song.

sublimes what i got

First learn the strum version of the Song. You will have less trouble singing it while playing. Notice in the tab of the strum version I have D and U for the Chords? well these are notated for down strum and up strum its a technique used on guitar for different rhythms.

In the first lesson you learned to play whole wide world. It had a nice down stroked Rhythm, In this Song use the down and upstroke rhythm you will find it helps playing the same Rhythm for a Song every time. So, be sure to do a D or U strum on the right Chords and play it the same every time.

The picked part under the rhythm is what they play on the record its repeated through the whole Song listen to the Song link  posted above and play along with it in time.

Now its time to have a look at the Guitar Solo!!!

sublime ` what i got Guitar solo

Don’t be intimidated, its never too soon to learn awesome things.

Lets talk about the new things you are seeing in this notation. First at the end of the solo you see this 12^ that means to bend that note, If You listen to the Song, You will hear this note bend at the end of the solo, and its a full bend.

That means you bend it a whole step up(two frets). so you will bend the note till it sounds like the same note on the 14th Fret of that string. Listen to the Song and bend the note along with it to get a feel for the sound.

You might have seen this symbol ~ in the tab that means to do whats known as a vibrato, use your Fingers you have fretting the note and rock it back and fourth on the string, You hear that ? its a technique used all over Guitar solo’s and its something you have heard your whole life. It takes practice to sound like one of the greats, but its something you will learn starting now.

In the tab you will see 11h12 the h stands for hammer on. It means simply hammer on to the next note, So if you play the 11th note with your index finger you would hammer on to the 12th note with you ring finger.

The last thing we will talk about is the p notation in the tab 12p10 it means pull off. In this example you will play the 12th note with your ring Finger and while having the 10th note on that String already fretted, You will lift your ring Finger pulling off to the 10th note its exactly the opposite as a hammer on.

That’s it for this song its really simple and has a great guitar solo that’s repeated two times during the Song be sure and listen to this Song and play along with it take your time and MASTER it.

In this lesson you should have learned how to play, What I Got by sublime and how to play the D Major Chord and G Major chord. You should have learned your first Guitar Solo and about new techniques like hammer on and pull off as well as bending notes and vibrato.


Check list so far.

  1. G Major E Major D  Major A Major
  2. Techniques hammer ons pull offs bends Vibrato
  3. Guitar Solo
  4. Two full Songs

Pretty good so far. If you done all this, Be proud you are progressing fast.

This is level one of the lessons on this Site to continue on to part two of this level go ahead and go on to this Page.

When You have this page down and part two in the above link down you can explore the level two lessons on the right hand side of the Site.