How to Learn Guitar – 1 Hour Practice

How to Learn Guitar the right way

How to learn Guitar – Learning Guitar is something that can be approached from any angle, and the best approach for one Student might now be the best for another. With the right mind set and a solid schedule, you can make the most of your time by breaking down the time you have in to the most efficient segments, to make sure you progress. Below you will find a great Practice schedule.

1 Hour Practice 

5  minutes Warm up with scales and open chords

5 minutes Ear Training even if you are just trying to figure out a melody that you heard sung in a song be sure to do this every day.

5 minutes Music Theory don’t let this intimidate you just learning new chords and ways to play the same chords you already know is good enough always expand your knowledge.

30 minutes Learning  a new Song or writing a Song keep with the same song everyday till you have learned it, Then you can move on. this is the part that changes depending on your goal.

15 minutes Improvising over Chords or jamming and creating new Riffs. record your self during this time and keep track of the tapes. So, you can review them to see how much you are improving.

(note: click here to see some free programs to record yourself with)

This is a scale routine if you have less time change the time spend on each of the above for your needs.

If you’re new to guitar and want to see how you can Learn your chords and new songs in just one hour check this out.

 Guide to Learning

Learning is something that we all do differently. So, with the above method its important that you know that routine will work for everyone. But, what you learn in each time segment should change depending on your personality and what your goals are as a Guitar Player.

Things to Consider if your goal is to become a professional guitarist then you really need to master theory. if you gonna be working in the pro scene. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn theory. if your just gonna start a band or be in a cover band understanding how music works is one of the most important things you can learn.

Learning other peoples songs even if your not in a cover band is really important. as a guitarist if you want to write music and improvise it will give you a Foundation of riffs and chord progressions to work from when creating new music. And, over time you will develop a feeling for what should be played next. Be sure to learn not only the songs you love. But, also the songs that are a challenge and might have something to offer you. perhaps you can learn some Chicken Picking from a country song or some nice Flat picking Licks from Bluegrass Music.

play with other musicians and not just guitar players. You would be amazed at how much you can learn from a Keyboard Player or a Bass Player. approach every encounter with another Player as a chance to Learn and maybe even to teach. Be open to every thing it will only help you grow as a Player.

Learning Guitar in Your free time

Not everyone has the free time they would like to Learn a new skill and if your gonna pickup the Guitar it wont be long before you feel like your progress has come to a halt. But, there are a few things to keep in mind when taking up a new skill the quality of time you spend learning to play Guitar is more important than the amount of time.

If you can find a good teacher it will make a world of difference having someone pointing you in the right direction. But that’s not a option for everyone.

With that in mind I would like to point you to a good Ted Talk located HERE .if you haven’t seen this talk check it out. He talks about How to learn any skill in 20 hours. and he learns how to play the Ukulele in just 20 hours.

There’s no reason you cannot do the same. challenge your self to spend 20 hours just learning how to play one song once you get your 20 hours in I bet you will find that you will have mastered the song. in case your wondering, in the video at the end He plays a Axis of Awesome Song that uses 4 chords that are common to a few hundred songs so in effect by learning one song he learnt hundreds of songs, pretty good for just 20 hours of effort right ?

spend your time Learning as many songs as you can and learn what other songs have the same chords you will be shocked at how many songs have the same chords just different Rhythms.

Just do a youtube search for  Axis of Awesome 4 chord song to see their song its kinda awesome.
below is a Lesson on how to play the Chord Progression enjoy!

Always get the most out of your practice and learn as many new songs as you can.

Top 10 songs you should learn to help your guitar playing if your new
  1.  Free Falling – Tom Petty
  2. Wild Wood Flower – Carter Family
  3. Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyed
  4. Time of Your Life – Green Day
  5. Horse With No Name – America
  6. House of The Rising Sun – The Animals
  7. Scarborough Fair – simon & garfunkels version
  8. You Are My Sunshine – johnny cash version
  9. Ring of Fire – johnny cash
  10. Where did You Sleep Last Night – Nirvana version