AC/DC Back in black Lesson

Today’s Lessons will be on AC/DC Back in black ! one of the most loved ad/dc Songs and for good reason it has some great guitar riffs on it and is a awesome song.

We will start off with the intro riff in the image below.

intro and verse

Notice that I have part one and two written in the above tabs that’s because these Riffs go together and aren’t sectioned off into an A and B parts.

On the first E Chord that’s played right after you hit the Chord You mute them real fast with both Your right and left Hands that’s how you get that sound that’s on the recording. So, be sure to be on the ball with muting that part.

The last half of the Riff is much like a blues turn around, You see before ending on E Chord. You slide up to the 7th fret B note on the E String, You can slide up to all the notes that are played on the E string. But play it how it feels best to You since this ending of the Riff can be hard for newer players.

Lets move on to the next section.

Nothing to complex about this but if you have seen the G Chord before thats in this part its a common chord in metal and rock the X is notated meaning to mute that string you do that with your fretting Hand use Your index Finger to mute that’s String.

Listen to the recording and play along with it to get a feel for the time.

Now lets look at the Guitar part that’s played under the Guitar Solo.

Noticed the — symbol used in this tab that’s indicate palm muting under the parts that you see it. Another thing You will see in this Tab is under some parts I have notated D and U those Symbols mean to down pick or up pick that Chord, D being for Down and U being for up.

As you can see this Song has lots of great Guitar parts to it and I recommend you record the backing for the Solo and improvise a Guitar Solo over it, for that reason I don’t have the Guitar solo laid out. Just take some time and learn the other parts first and learn to Solo over that backing.

If I get request i may do a lessons and Tab for the Guitar Solo at a later date. for now lets look at the last riff introduced in this Song.

Last new Riff introduced

Noticed the ending part of this riff is almost the same as the one used in the main verse riff and on this one you will want to perform the slides that are indicated with this symbol / now i know this riff can be hard to play but take your time with it and play it slow until you get it up to speed.

One cool thing I would like to point out about this Guitar riff is noticed how it starts on the E String and plays out, then the whole riff moves down a set of strings ? that’s a neat little trick done with lots of Guitar riff and You will see done all over the place in music.

That’s all there is to this Song its a great rock/metal Song and pretty much every Guitar player should learn it, since if you play it in any crowed, pretty much everyone will know the riff its a great Song to know.

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