Beginner Nothing Else Matters

Learn Nothing Else Matters by Metallica

Today I am gonna show you an easy way to play Nothing else Matters, This can be a really hard song for some one to learn when starting out, and it can be really tough to try and sing and play at the same time. I am gonna show you a strumming version of the Song. that, You can use to learn to Sing along with the Song. As You become more advanced you can move on to the Studio version of the Song.

Verse section

This Song has three repeated parts that change in the Verse before coming to the end section. In the below Image you will see Tab for the Verse section.

I will post the ending of it after you learn the repeated section then learn the ending of the Verse.

Verse section Metallica Nothing Else Matters

Notice the D and U Letters under the Chords that’s to indicate a Down Strum or a up Strum with the pick.

Play what you see in the above section all the way through and then play the section in the below Image right after. It is the ending of the Verse.

Turn around section Nothing Else Matters by Metallica

singing and playing guitar at the same time

After you Learn the above parts its time to Learn to Sing and play at the same time and the best way to do that is to start out by counting out loud as you play just say one and two and three and four and repeat once you can talk while playing this you can move on to singing.

Another way is to try and hum the Melody as you Strum the Chords when you can get them in time with each other your ready to move on.

Once you have mastered this easy version of the Song, You should learn the studio version. But the Strum Version sounds pretty good and sometimes live they do strum the parts. So, its all good just play what you like.

In the below Image you will find the Chorus Section.

Nothing Else Matters Chorus Strum Version

If you like this Lesson “beginner nothing else matters” let me know in the comment section maybe I will do more.