Blues Guitar songs

Learning to play blues Guitar is very rewarding even if its not your favorite style of music because the blues can be heard in all styles of music and its very simple to learn and hard to master its the perfect starting point for any guitarist.

Lets get started with blues Guitar Songs the first Song we will learn is Manish boy by muddy waters .

Mannish boy muddy waters

That’s all there is to this Song, that Riff just repeats during the whole Song. the parts notated x are muted Strings, muted with your left hand. Its the Drum parts on the recording. Be sure and play them to help You keep time with the Song.

Once You have that Song down move on to this next one.

hoochie coochie man by muddy waters.

This¬†is the intro to hoochie coochie man you will see an alternative version ending on a different note, You don’t have to play that riff but you can to change it up some.

The next section is the lead up into the verse

part one and two

Notice at the top there’s Riff called fill 1 that’s played after the intro part and leads right into section A then You play section B and then section C and then perform the turnaround lick.

Below is the tab for section C along with the turnaround lick and the ending lick.

section c and turn around

After You play the C section You then play the turn around. Listen to the Song to Learn the order for the rest of the parts, at the very end of the Song the last thing You will play is the ending that I have notated out for You.

This Song is straight forward with walking bass lines. Its a very typical Riff based Blues Song and its a great one to learn. it should help with your single note playing.

 Learning the Blues

In this Lesson we will learn to play King Bee by Muddy waters.

Intro part

Sometimes when you hear this Song it will start out with the slide from the 3 rd fret to the 12th fret keep that in mind when playing you don’t always have to start it out the way its listed.

the above part is the intro here’s the next section.

section B

Notice in this Tab I have a listing for GTR 2 that is what the other Guitar player is playing during the top Tab. the Guitar 2 part is played twice for every one time the Gutar 1 part is played .

The next section is the ending section of the Song.

Ending Chords

Notice that again theres a listing for GTR 2 in this tab the second Guitar player is playing that riff While the B7 Chords is being played then nothing during the A7 Chord at the end of the A7 Chord the part notated under * Ending lick is played that is the end lick for those Chords.

Listen to the Song to find where all the parts are played and be sure and take your time with this Song.

In the next few Songs I am gonna introduce more lead sections to help you expand your playing .