Easy Songs for Guitar – part two

With this next section of easy Songs for Guitar, we are gonna kick it up a level and make it more complex. but its still very easy,  just a level higher then whats on the main Page. If you haven’t done the first section of the site then go here.

In this Lesson we are gonna look at a more complicated Song and I am gonna ask that you spend more time on this Song to get the Rhythm down, Because its tricky, But not hard. The Song is. What Its Like by Everlast.

This Song will have 3 Chords in it, along with two new Shord types, a minor Shord and a major 7th. Don’t worry about them, just know that every Shord has lots of different types and all that it means is that one or two notes of the chord are added to change its sound.

First Here’s a link to the song to get it into your head.

The three Chords used are D Minor F Major 7 and C Major check below for a chart.

Chords in what its like by everlast

This Song has a very catchy intro section, followed by a repeating Verse. There’s a interlude section in the Song, That, I am not including in this lesson, Because it will make it a little harder to learn and its not really needed for the Song.

(I will add it at a later date to a more advanced version of this Song}

Below is the intro section

what its like intro section tab

This intro is repeated a few times before going on to the Verse Section.

Verse part below.

verse section of what its like by everlast

Notice the D and U notations under the chords that’s to indicate down and upstrokes for this Song. You can follow along with them. However, at this stage of your playing its important for you to start figuring out your own strum patterns for Songs you learn. So, feel free to play it differently and come up with your own versions that feels good to You.

The Chords in the verse go D min F MAj C MAJ then back to D Min and it repeats starting with D. This can be confusing when your new to this. So, I thought it would be better to add the little fill lick you hear in the Song, but if you are still having problems playing picked out parts like that. You can strum the whole thing just listen to the Song and play along with it till it sounds right.

New things in this Song you Learned. Three new chords, a short introduction to new chord types and how to play what its like by Everlast.

Progress Review 

ok, at this point You should have a few Songs under your belt and I advise You to start looking to learn new Songs that You like from your favorite Bands.

You have gained a lot of skill if you have made it this far.

Chords you have learned to date.

From this point onward I will introduce more Songs with minor chords and Songs that have more then two or three chords. Its important that you have fun learning and if you find Yourself bored learning a Song, Then find another Song that you really want to learn.

If you would like to jump to a more advanced Song right away then check out this strum version of nothing else matters by metallica .

Intermediate Songs 

In this lesson we are gonna learn a Song with another new minor Chord the Song is Jewels who will save your soul .

I will show you two versions of the Song the first one is what she plays on Her cd and the next is a easy strum Version. That, will be better if you can’t handle the Finger picking yet. learn them both.

First let me just say the Chords to this Song are A Minor C Major G major and D major in that order. She Finger picks those four Chords during the whole song with a added not near the end of each Chord.

Here’s a Chord chart with the above four Chords. Plus, the other Chords that are Implied in the Finger picked Version.

Chord chart for who will save your soul by Jewel.

As you can see from this Chord chart changing one note turns the Chord into a variation of that Chord. Don’t stress this if it seems to be information overload. its not that important right now just wanted to point this out for you.

The only Chords are the above four I  talked about. But, she implies those other Chords by changing the notes in the Melody.

Here’s what she plays on the Song.

Who will save your soul by Jewel.

Above the Finger picked Tab I have the name listed of the new Chord. That, she is picking the melody from. Notice on the open A note at the start of the Tab, Above it says A Minor. So, use the Chord chart to see what the A Minor Chord looks like and hold that chord during the picking part and change to the next Chord as the tab goes from part to part.

That’s all there is to it a very nice sounding Song and it just plays that part over and over.

Here’s a youtube link to the song. play along with it till you have it mastered.

Now for a strum Version that will be a little better to sing to till you have a better grip on your singing and playing.

strum Version of who will save your soul.

Notice I have the D U marks under each Chord to indicate a Down stroke and a up stroke for that Chord. the pattern repeats for each new Chord. Also, notice the last three beats of each Chord are U D U and on the D the Chord changes. keep that in mind and don’t miss the little chord switch its good practice.

The little Chord change at the ends of each Chord in this strum version are from the implied chords in the Finger picked version of the Song and that’s what the Chord chart I posted is for.

I Hope you enjoyed this lesson and got a lot out of it.

By now you are pretty far along in your development practice the above Songs in these lessons every day. When you have them all down pat. Your gonna find that learning new songs from this point on will be very easy.

Thanks for spending time at my Site, I really hope you got a lot out of this Site and if your ready to move on to more advance video lessons give our Affiliate Guitar Tricks take a look.

I will grow this Site as much as I can there more to look around at here. So, feel free to look around and dabble in some of my more advanced lessons.

Chord Charts and level two of my lessons.

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