Easy Songs

Easy Songs to learn for different Styles

Easy Songs to learn first when learning a new style of music. like, Metal, Country or Blues. So, below are some starter songs based on the style of music you might want to learn first.

Metal songs

1. smoke on the water – great introduction to power cords and a simple riff that every guitar player knows.

2. Black Sabbaths Iron man – a must learn for the someone new to metal easy power chords. with strong intro to chug style riffs during the solo. also this song has a great solo that would be a nice first solo to learn.

3. Megadeth Symphony Of Destruction – great Riff and theres a lot you will learn from this song the chorus guitar part is a little tricky but stick with it.

4 Judas priest breaking the law – a faster temp song that will help you build basic stamina for metal playing.

5. Metallica Enter Sandman – Awesome Riff really easy will help you with palm muting

advanced songs for metal if these are too easy

Metallica Master of Puppets – remember the riffs in this song are down picked mastering this song the its played will make you a master of riffs learn it.

Megadeth Holy Wars – super riff with gallop picking in it and lots of power chord riffs this song should be on your to do list it has a tricky riff to learn and once you over come it you will only be better for it.

 Finger style songs

1. Animals – House of The Rising Sun – this song using simple open chords and a easy picking pattern is great to cut your teeth on

2.Cat Stevens – The Wind great melody pretty easy to learn

3.beetles black bird – popular starter song for finger style playing

4.Eric Clapton – Tears in Heaven – more complex song but once you get the chord under your hand its really easy

5.James Taylor Fire And Rain – this one is another easy one that sounds great.

6. Greensleeves – this song sounds great and is really easy to learn it will get you into more advanced playing.

7. Classical Gas – this song is faster then most and has a few simple parts that can be hard but once your hands get more nimble this should become a very easy song to learn .

for more advanced songs see stuff by jim croce operator, time in a bottle ect…

once you are feeling confident you should look into artist like Tommy emmanuel and chet adkins