Exercise Musically

Exercise Musically while Learning

Learning guitar Exercises through scales although a common approach many guitar players end up getting hung up on the scales and missing the Big point and that is being musical. Some people can never make the jump from playing up and down scales during a solo verses being musical and that’s because everyone is told to use scales to warm up and exercise.

Almost everyone makes this mistake and its something you should fix before you invest years of your life and feeling like your getting nowhere.

The truth is what you should learn is not scales to exercise. But, other players guitar solo’s they are already built on a scale, This will give you a chance to see how to correctly apply the knowledge of scales and keep you sounding musical and will build finger strength  not to mention you will always be having fun learning the solo’s that you actually like to listen to.

Be sure to take note of the note names and learn the chords that are underneath the solo and see what notes they play over the chords, This is a big thing that tons of players miss and will give you insight into what to play over chords.

Not gonna give any examples. because, anyone who wants to learn guitar that reads this will have different taste asking them to learn a simple solo of say Metallica nothing else matters. might not appeal to them.

There’s plenty of guitar sites on the web with solo tabs. I advise you to go find your favorite band and find the tab for your favorite solo and learn it, Remember you don’t have to play it at their speed. Just work into your daily warm up and over time you will be able to play it.

Be sure once you have it memorized. to learn another and then another and rotate them in and out as you feel.

This lesson is more of a lecture as you can tell but take it to heart because its important and will make the difference in the long run.


Learning Solo’s

Learn to play full solo’s from other players that you admire. I think its important to separate your efforts in learning Solos, for example. if there’s a Song that has some shredding in it or a solo that is full of technique. But, You don’t really want to learn it all. its completely ok to learn just a sweep lick you want and throw it into your warm ups.

Don’t get hung up on learning everything Note for Note. But, you should put the effort in, to learn the songs you really love. You should take the time and learn Note for Note and more importantly, You should learn whats going on underneath the solos and follow the chords.

You can unlock how a player thinks and gain great insight on how that particular player approaches Soloing, this will be key in developing your own style as you become a more mature player .

Learn to play songs and solo’s that you would like to have written this will help you become the guitarist that you want to be always follow your ear.

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