Finger Picked Songs

the best way to learn finger picked songs is to start off with easy songs and build up to more advanced songs. always being sure to master each song before moving on to the next one and never rushing ahead .

There’s million Songs you could learn to start out with finger picking and a good one is, What I Got by Sublime, That I already covered on the first page of this Site here’s link if you haven’t seen it you will notice i have two versions of that song one involves strumming the Chords and the other has a finger picked guitar part if you are new then please go learn that song first .

This is the level two section of the Site and even tho it introduces new challenges you should have the level one lessons down found in the above link.

now moving on to the Song. The best Song to learn because it introduces a really great pattern is landslide by Fleetwood Mac.

Chords for Landslide by Fleetwood Mac

In the Above Image You will see the Chords used in the Song Landslide. you will notice two new Chords the D/F# and the G/b Chord. In the case of the D/f# Chord. Its just a D Major Chord the F# is to note that there’s an F# in the bass. That’s the note that’s fretted on the 2 end fret on the bass E string.

In the case of the G/b Chord, The notation is just indicating its a G major  without the G in the Bass turning it into a G with a B in the bass. This isn’t really that important just pointing it out in case it confused You.

now for the intro.

Intro and Verse Section

This is the part that’s played in the intro and verse section of the song notice that the notes have T and M under them. That’s there to tell you what finger to use on your right hand to pluck that note.

I wrote the pattern out so it uses just two Fingers on your right Hand, but, once you can play it like that change it up by adding your index Finger into the mix. Use it to play all the notes played on the G String or 3 erd String.

This pattern is very important to master since its used in some form or another on tons of Songs. So, spend a lot of time learning this start really slow and work the tempo up.

Chorus section.

Chorus section

This Song is full of Fills and other parts not notated in this tab. This Lessons main goal is to give you a great version of the Song and introduce you to new Chord types and Techniques.

Notice the first section its listed as fill 1 you play that at the end of the last verse that leads into the Chorus you will have to listen to the Song to know where and when to play it. after you play it you play the section A part then the section B part.

noticed that the section B is played the same as the verse that’s why I cut it into a new section rather then just write it out with section A.

Listen to the Song and find the placement of all the Sections. Be sure to practice the picking pattern and get it down before playing it up to speed. This one Songs picking pattern will help build a solid foundation for your right Hand so be sure to Master it.