Learn to play Guitar – chords

Welcome to my lessons level two section of the Site. If You have seen the main Site that teaches You to learn to play guitar in a hour. by learning easy Songs. Then, great this is the next step to learning harder Songs. That, will introduce more techniques and different types of music.

If you haven’t seen my starter lessons. Then, click here to check it out.

In Music there’s seven chords  A B C D E F G . now these seven Chords have types. like major, minor, suspended, diminished ect… and there’s variations on each Chord like A Minor 7 or a Major 7. Adding terms like 7th or add 9 to a chord just means it has a additional note added to it that gives the Chord a new name.

Don’t worry much about what these terms mean right now. Just know, That a C Major Chord and a C Minor Chord are still a C chord they just have one note difference changing them from one type to another.

lets start off with the seven common major chords in Music. Look at the below chart.

save the below Images.

Major Chord chart.

7 common major chords

The following Image is of the 7 common Minor Chords.

7 common Minor Chords.

Save the above Charts to your pc and practice them till you know them all.

Learn the Major and Minor Version of each Chord. That’s the most important thing to do right now.

I mentioned 7th Chords and suspended Chords. I am not gonna give a chart for those. I am going to introduce them through songs. but, from here onward you need to know the 7 Major and Minor Chords by heart.

If you want a deeper understanding of the Chord types right now. Then, I suggest you check this lesson out on Chord spelling. But, if you would rather learn the Chords through songs. then, just follow other lessons on this Site and pick things up as they are introduced to you.