Learn the Pentatonics

learn pentatonic scales for guitar

The Pentatonic scales are the back bone of the blues and Rock & Roll they are another useful tool that every guitarist will acquire.

There’s a million ways to explain pentatonic scales and many new guitar players get the wrong ideal about learning them, They are meant to be a guide, a skeleton to solo over or even to play chords through.

They are shapes and using them gives guitar players the edge of being able to see on the fret board the outline of what shape to play in a key, However, knowing the notes on the guitar is the most important thing. So, before you use these i suggest you to learn the CAGED system.


Below is a great video on the pentatonic rather then bore you with a big write up just watch this and please if you like his stuff subscribe to his youtube channel.


For a look at my personal advice when it comes to learning scales vs learning solos look here.

check out this link for more information on the pentatonic scales in music.

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