Man of constant sorrow tab

Today I am gonna show you how to play man of constant sorrow, there’s many versions of this Song on the internet. This is just a easy version with fills and the main intro and chords you will have to listen to the song to get the exact  amount of strums for each chord and how long to sing each part.

Here’s the intro.

 you need a capo at the 3rd fret and tune you low E String to D the tuning is D A D G B E. you drone that open D string through the Riff. notice the ~ symbol on the 3rd fret of the D String that’s to indicate vibrato how ever if you listen to the song you can hear that note getting bent just a little bit, So be sure to pay attention to that.

next up is the Verse section I broke it up into two parts verse A and verse B .

Verse A.

As You can see the Chord progression for this Verse is D-G-A-D-fill  Verse B is a little different. notice the fill that’s played after you end on the D chord the note on the D String here is followed by *BP* that means you do a sleight bend and pull off to the open string.

You can play different variations of that fill. at the end of this lesson I will give you more fills you can play in place of that one if you want.

Verse B

You will notice in this Verse its the same as the first. but after you play that D Chord instead of playing fills it goes back to the A Chord (with more lyrics)and then to the D Chord and then you will play your Fill after that.

Here’s some extra Fills to change out as you see fit.

You can make up Your own fills to play between Verses if you want its something that everyone will add there own style to so mess around with the above Fills and change them up as you like.

That’s it a pretty fun to play Song that pretty much everyone loves.