Bar Chord Songs

Learning Chords on the Guitar is the most important step in your growth as a Guitar Player. So, its important to  learn a lot of songs in this section we are gonna learn Bar Chord Songs only and build are Chord knowledge along the way.

The First song we are gonna learn that uses Bar Chords, is a Song called Glycerine by the band Bush. In this Song there’s lots of palm muting So, be sure to listen to the recording to get a feel for where to palm mute and what Chords to let ring open a little more.

Here’s the main Guitar part.

Glycerine main guitar part.

Notice the – under some of the Chords. Those Chords are to be muted more then the other Chords. Also, pay attention to the / symbol that means you slide from one Chord to the next you can clearly hear it in the Song.

Below is the Chorus section of the Song.

Chorus section of Glycerine by Bush.

the above Riff repeats two times be sure to listen to the full song and play along with it to get it down.

This is a great Song for a introduction into bar Chords. The Chords in this Song are whats commonly called power Chords. Since they don’t play all the notes in a full bar chord.

They are just the first note and the fifth of a chord. in a full bar Chord you add the 3 erd and that will make the chord have a minor or a major sound depending on if the third of the chord is flat or not.

Minor and Major bar chords

This next Song we will introduce some full Major and Minor bar Chords, with picking parts.

the song is Sublime’s Santeria Below is  Chord Chart for this Song.

Now on to the intro to Santeria.


intro played once

This is a nice easy version of the intro notice that there’s Chord shapes notated over the pattern hold the Chord shape over the pattern as you play them.

next on to the verse.

Sublime Santeria Verse parts

The version one is what they play on the record. The Chords fall on the off beat. if you don’t understand how to play on the off beat then look at version two.

notice the x that i have notated you can play them but just muting the string with you left hand and on the beat play x then play the chord then on the two beat play the x again and then play the chord.

Count the beats 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and. The x parts are played on the numbers 1 2 3 4 and the Chords are played on the “and” parts. The “and” would be considered the off beat. Listen to the Song and play along to get a feel for this. Its pretty hard to do and will take some practice and extra effort. but, once you have it down it will be easy.

now time for the Chorus section.

simple Chorus for Santeria.

This chorus can be hard. So, I have two versions that are simple pick the one that you find easy and learn it and listen to the song and play along with it to get it right.

now for an advanced section of the song the guitar solo.

Santeria Guitar Solo.

This solo has a few tricky parts to it that you should know about in the last bar of the solo there’s a notation for bending the 11th fret to the 13th fret it looks like this 11^13 you dont play the 13 the ^ symbol means to bend the note up till it reaches the same pitch as the note on the 13th fret.

You will noticed that there’s another 11 above the one notated to be bent. You do not bend that note. You play them both at the same time only bending the one on the string with the ^ symbol.

This is hard to do I suggest you perform this by using you middle finger to bend the note on the G string. while using you ring finger to fret and hold the 11 on the B string.

You can use both the b and the ^ symbol to notate bend in tabs if you see this ^ used usually its follow be another note for example 11^13^11 in this case its meant to tell you to bend the 11th note, till it reaches the 13th notes pitch and then release it back to the 11th notes pitch. Some times this will be done using this notation 11b13r11 introducing the r symbol for release.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson. This song has easy parts and hard parts. I tried to cover it so more advanced players would have something to take away(the solo) and new players can still learn the Song. Be sure to listen to the Song and learn it. don’t move on till you have it down.