Metal song’s

Metal song’s built just on Riffs and power Chords alone. In this section of lessons we are gonna look at Songs that use powerful Riffs.

Lets start with some Metal Songs. The first Song we will look at is Enter Sandman by metallica. This Song has one of the most catchy Metal Riffs of all time in it and its really easy to play.

Below is the clean intro part.

clean intro for enter sandman with distorted 2end Guitar.

This Song has a Epic intro in the above tab the first part is the clean guitar that comes in at the start and the tab labeled Guitar 2 is the distorted guitar that kicks in after the clean guitar, building up to the next section.

Notice the pm section for guitar two with the – symbol those notes that have that under are palm muted.

Below is the next part to the intro.

part two of the intro

listen to the song to get a feel for how many times each riff is played before going to the next part.

Here’s the main the Song kicks into .

Enter Sandman Main Riff.

This is the main Riff this Song is known for pay attention to the ~ symbol in the tab that means you add some vibrato to that note when you play it .

now lets move on to the Verse Riff he sings over.

Enter Sandman Verse Riff

Be sure to listen to the Song to get a feel for the palm muting I didn’t notate the palm muting in this Tab. So, listen to the recording to get it in your ear.

This Song is packed full of great Riffs and to top it off its a really easy Song to learn and play. There’s another riff in the Song. That, I left out because I don’t wanna spend too much time on this Song. But, if I get request for the tab I will post it.

The next set of Riff based song’s will be more power Chord driven but don’t doubt the power Chords its still a Riff in my book.

 The Mighty Power Chord

Black Sabbath have had a powerful impact on metal and the use of heavy Riffs and power Chords in their music along with the down tuned distorted guitar parts pretty much all metal bands owe them a dept of gratitude .

In this following Song Iron Man, You will see why they are such a force in metal with the Riffs and Power Chords crushing you down in each bar You can’t deny the METAL.

This Riff has a pre-bend then release, take your Index Finger on your left hand and press down on the open E String behind the Nut. Then with your right hand, strike the open E String and slowly release the pressure on the E String and you will get the Sound you hear on the recording.

Each bend is done over two measures counting 1, 2, 3, 4 twice for each bend for a total of 8 counts, there’s three bends to this intro on the third bend the count only goes to 6  before going into the Main Power Chord Riff below.


Main Riff played after intro

This Song plays that Riff as a Theme sometimes he just played single note versions of that Riff while Ozzy is singing. You will see that in the following Tabs with different Versions of this same Riff.


Main Riff during Verse

Listen to them play live and you will hear the single Note version of the main Riff (version 2) played while Ozzy sings. The Verse then the Version 3 variation is played.

The above Riff is the next Riff introduced to us and it has a A and B part to it remember that the ~ symbol means to shake the Note performing a vibrato.

The two Chords are played during the singing and are held for a few beats each while Ozzy sings over them then the ending Riff is played.

The next section is the pre solo Riff notated above that breaks into the Solo shown below.

Pay attention to the Tab notation and perform all the little hammer ons and pull offs, look for upper case B that’s full bend and lower case b is half step bend. Remember to perform the vibratos notated as ~ where ever you see it listed.

The above tab is the last line of the Solo followed by the last two Riffs introduced into the Song, after that you just repeat other Riffs already played in the Song. Be sure to listen to the Song and play along with it learn it as perfectly as You can. You don’t have to learn the Solo’s but they are here if you’re into it.

There you go two metal Songs that will help You build a solid foundation.

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