Thinking out loud tab – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran Thinking out loud tab

We are gonna learn to play Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran. First we will look at the Chords used in this Song check the tab below and take your time and learn these Chords


Ok now its time for the verse section that repeats through the Song. as always be sure to listen to the song and play along with it till you can play in time with him before learning the chorus.

The above tab is the intro and verse section that leads into the pre-chorus the verse repeats before the pre-chorus so listen to the song to learn how many times to play the parts.

This chorus is played one section after the other. The strings marked with x are muted with the left hand, listen to the song and try and imitate the way he mutes those strings its really important.

This is the end tabs for this song as the tab says you play the prechorus again after the chorus and then the walking chord section is played. each chord in the little section is played in time with a lyric from the song.

The above is all the guitar parts played in the song minus any guitar solo they are just repeated for the structure of the song listen to it and play each part chorus verse as they come.